Fresh Fruit

Why Fruit Baskets Make A Good Gift


If you are at a loss when it comes to the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend, family member, or neighbor, or are trying to find a suitable gift for a colleague or client, consider a fruit basket. Fruit baskets make excellent gifts, especially for those individuals who have everything. Instead of giving a monetary gift or gift card that lacks personality, consider choosing a fruit basket that includes the recipient’s favorite fruits and healthy snacks. Since the contents are generally healthier fare than the typical junk foods that tempt the taste buds and expand the waist line, a fruit basket can be enjoyed guilt free!


Fruit baskets make great gifts for:


  •     College students: College students are notoriously poor eaters. Especially during stressful times surrounding midterms and final exams, college kids do not receive the proper nutrition-and proper nutrition will allow them to excel in their studies. Gift your college student with a fruit basket filled with fresh fruit and other healthy, nutritious snacks to show your love and support. Furthermore, since fruit baskets can be consumed, they will not take up precious space in dormitory rooms like other superfluous gifts.


  •     Campers: For those with younger children, consider sending a fruit basket to your favorite camper to ease homesickness while providing a healthy approach to snacks. Campers enjoy the thought of gifts while away from home, and fruit baskets are perfect for sharing the contents with bunk mates and newly made friends


  •     Dieters: What better way to show your support of a dieter who has either just begun a newer, healthier lifestyle or is currently working his or her way to the goal line. Fruit baskets will relieve some of the sweet temptations that cause most dieters to stray while showing the individual that you support their decision to eat and live healthier



    Business Associates: When it comes time to purchase gifts for those in the business world, the task can be quite daunting. Unwritten rules in the business world provide razor-thin guidelines for what gifts-and price ranges-are appropriate, so instead of trying to figure out who receives what, send a fruit basket instead. Perfect for new clients or old business relations, fruit baskets allow you to express a sentiment without having to worry about what to buy and how much to spend. Also, fruit baskets can be shared within the company easily, so everyone can enjoy the gift.



    Elderly friends, neighbors, or family members: Elderly friends, neighbors, or family members: Many elderly individuals find themselves faced with too much “stuff” in their lives. Especially if they are downsizing to a more comfortable home, these extras can quickly overwhelm their homes. Instead of purchasing gifts that will only add to the space problem or sit unused, consider sending a gift basket instead. Gift baskets are perfect ways to provide elderly friends, neighbors, or family members with healthy fare while giving a lovely gift.


  •     New Homeowners: If you have been recently invited to a housewarming party or know of a couple or family who has just moved into a new home, then consider giving a fruit basket. Especially when faced with meeting new neighbors, a fruit basket is an excellent gift that everyone will enjoy. Furthermore, a fruit basket will provide the family with a bit of healthy food while the cupboards are still being stocked.


  •     Anyone: Regardless who you gift, a fruit basket is the perfect idea. Allowing you to provide a gift that requires thought without knowing a great deal about the recipient, a fruit basket will save you a great deal of time, hassle, and worry about finding that perfect gift.