Oprah’s Chocolate Set by Godiva


Oprah’s signature is one of the only set pieces not made of edible chocolate.

Dedicated designers created this wall mosaic using a variety of chocolates, and chocolate is the glue that holds it all together.


This one-of-a-kind chess set, is hand carved out of white, milk and dark chocolate

To make logs for the fireplace, Godiva designers filled mailing tubes with milk chocolate. Then, once hardened, they peeled the mailing tube away and carved the chocolate tube into a log of wood

Intricate white chocolate flowers sprout from an equally indulgent vase.


Designers worked for more than 20 hours to create this chocolate chandelier. They strung each strand using a needle and wax thread.

To create pieces like this clock, designers used heated knives, to melt the chocolate. That way, they could create any shape they wanted!

Oprah gives away a bottle filled with chocolate candies to a lucky audience member. 

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