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Going Green is Going Well!

As companies pledge to go green, The Sweet Basket Company is doing its part to help preserve the environment. Reduce, reuse and recycle has become our latest motto! Our aim is to minimize our impact on the environment.

Packaging Materials:

We, at The Sweet Basket Company use only recycled boxes when shipping our gifts. We also use recycled paper for packing our gifts to ensure they arrive in its original condition unlike many of our competitors who use styrofoam chips or air-filled shipping bags.

We also use recycled paper to fill the base of our gift containers instead of styrofoam.

Green Office:

All office supplies used at The Sweet Basket Company are biodegradable. We use only recycled ink cartridges, recycled printing paper and envelopes, folders, post it notes, etc.

We have reduced our paper transactions by going electronic. Our clients receive their invoices, receipts and quotes via email to avoid waste of paper.

Using Energy Star Compliant equipment in the office allows us to reduce energy consumption.

With the services of R.C.I. Waste Management, our waste recycling containers allow us to dispose of all office and warehouse waste both reliably and efficiently.

Cleaning Products:

The Sweet Basket Company uses only Eco-Friendly cleaning products. These non-toxic and bio-degradable products help reduce the amount of pollutants going into our streams and rivers.

Assembling & Shipping Facility:

The large number of windows (over 20) in our 18,000 square foot facility allows us to reduce the amount of electricity we consume to light our work space. Our temperature-controlled warehouse allows us to create a more productive and healthy work environment for our employees.

Gift Designs:

The Sweet Basket Company recognizes the importance of helping the environment and maintaining its creative edge. We are now making a conscious effort to use beautiful accent pieces to enhance your home or office rather than traditional wicker baskets. Adding both functionality and aesthetics our gourmet baskets will allow the gift experience to last forever.