Godiva Chocolates – Great Gifts for Everyone

Godiva® Dessert Truffles 24PC

When many of us think about gourmet chocolates, we immediately think Godiva chocolates. They have made such a name for themselves that they are now one of the most successful chocolate manufacturers in the world. From its small and early roots right through today, it’s world-renowned. They have maintained only the highest standards of quality. What makes Godiva chocolates so special?

All of this exposure has surely not made Godiva overexposed. They are remain one of the more popular chocolate gifts given for every occasion. Next time you are in a dilemma about what gift to give for an upcoming event, remember that you cannot go wrong with a wonderful chocolate gift from Godiva!


What Sets Godiva Chocolates Apart from Other Chocolates

There are a great many things that all great producers of gourmet chocolates share, starting with the ingredients used:


  • Godiva chocolates are made from the finest and most flavorful cacao beans that are chosen for their quality, they are then finely ground for an exquisite smoothness in the chocolate.
  • The highest quality dairy products are used as ingredients in the fillings of the various Godiva chocolates. This includes heavy cream and Grade A butter.
  • They are constantly coming up with new products that stretch the limits of creativity and reinforce the ingenuity of their top chocolatiers.
  • One of the most popular chocolate products in Europe is hazelnut praline and their European chocolates are made with very finely processed hazelnuts, chocolate, and sugar.
  • Even the fruit used in fruit-filled Godiva chocolates is processed in their own unique way. They do not conventional freezing methods but rather use their own method that captures the freshness and flavor of the fruit.
  • All of the fruit syrups used in Godiva chocolates contain no artificial ingredients, which provides a flavor and intensity that cannot be matched by artificial alternatives.
  • Would you believe that the cherries they use in their cherry cordials are hand sorted to make sure that no pits end up in the final product?

It is no wonder that gourmet chocolates cost more than standard, ordinary chocolates that use cheaper ingredients and methods. This is also why Godiva chocolate gifts or other forms of Godiva chocolate are so special. The satisfaction that one derives even from a single gourmet chocolate is much more than that which you get from a candy bar from the supermarket!