Creative Ways to Entertain in Style 
with Godiva Biscuits, Hot Cocoa and Coffee 

Tip number One


Top biscuits with mint-infused pastry cream or whipped cream, and, if desired, add a pomegranate seed, a hazelnut, chocolate-covered coffee bean, or candied orange rind.

Tip number Two

Crush several biscuits and sprinkle over ice cream, being sure to garnish with one whole biscuit.


Tip number Three

Nothing makes a more beautiful display than an abundance of beautiful food; stack large numbers of biscuits in neat rows for presentation. Add some color (mint, basil, rosemary, raspberries, etc.) for garnish.

Tip number Four

Serve a cup of hot cocoa with a biscuit on a saucer, helping your guests know that you’re serving the top-quality brand (of both biscuit and cocoa).

Tip number Five

Top hot cocoa with whipped cream, then shake cocoa powder through strainer to garnish. The same can also be done with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Tip number Six

Use cocoa to make chocolate-infused whipped cream.

Tip number Seven


Create cocoa meringue morsels using Godiva flavored cocoa. Meringue cookies are generally made using unsweetened cocoa, but the flavored alternative adds a creamy touch to this light and airy treat.

Tip number Eight

Use fresh, dry coffee grounds for presentation; spread onto a plate, add some piles of whole beans, and arrange biscuits on top and alongside.

Tip number Nine

Freeze brewed coffee into cubes for making iced coffee that won’t get diluted by ice.

Tip number Ten

For both coffee AND cocoa, dust a little cocoa onto brewed coffee for a little mocha vibe.