Corporate and Business Gift Giving Etiquette


The Do’s and Don’t of Corporate Gift Giving 
In the corporate and business world it is customary for companies and businesses to give clients, customers, suppliers and employees a gift at Christmas or other special occasion. Corporate or business gifts are a great way to thank your customers and develop goodwill, which in turn develops your business! Giving gifts to employees is very effective for recognizing their contribution to your success as well as promoting loyalty and good performance. Whether an employee or client, everyone appreciates being recognized with a special gift, but what is the correct etiquette when giving a corporate gift?


Some Do’s and Don’ts in Corporate Gift Giving

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There are some do’s and don’t in corporate and business gift giving etiquette though. It is important to make sure that your gift is not of a personal nature unless that client or employee happens to also be a very close friend. If you are choosing different individual gifts for each recipient then be careful in giving gifts of alcohol which could be inappropriate for that particular person. As well, make sure that the client to whom you are giving a basket of smoked meats to is not a vegetarian.


Be careful when considering using your logo
Some companies will have their logo placed on jackets, vests, or other articles of clothing to be used as corporate gifts. This is an area that requires some caution too. While some employees may not mind wearing a jacket that has the name of their employer on it, you may find that clients, suppliers and customers are insulted by the idea of advertising your business on their clothing! If you do decide to put your logo on a gift, make sure that it is small, subtle and tasteful. That will go much further at promoting you than something large or garish.


Be consistent in gift giving to employees
When giving gifts to employees, try to be consistent from year to year. If it has been a company tradition to give a certain type of gift to each employee, consider carefully before discontinuing or changing the tradition. Instead of being grateful, employees can sometimes grumble about the gift they got this year when compared to the years that came before. If you are cutting back on the expense of employee gifts for financial reasons, make sure this is communicated to your employees so that they won’t feel you are not appreciating them. Then try to find other ways to show your appreciation to them. Perhaps you could suggest the whole company put money towards sponsoring a child somewhere for that year.


Ever wonder how National Boss’s day got started? The history of Bosses’ day is quite recent. In 1958 in Deerfield, Illinois a secretary by the name of Patricia Bays Haroski wanted to honor her boss – her white-collar father, who helped his children with good advice throughout their careers.Remember that corporate and business gifts are a excellent way to promote your business and and services, and choosing the right gift will go a long way in making your clients and employees know that you value them.

History of Boss’s Day

His daughter Patricia registered the day – October 16th – with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Four years later, Bosses’ Day was backed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner who officially proclaimed the day in 1962.

Although it is not an official holiday, Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to tell your boss that he or she is doing a great job and you appreciate them!

National Bosses Day is traditionally celebrated with greeting cards, gifts and a few extra smiles in honor of the big Boss Man or Lady.